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Our home heating oil price comparison app helps users save money and stay warm this winter. With our app, users can quickly and easily compare prices from local suppliers to find the best deals on heating oil. No more calling around or searching the internet - our app does the work for you. Plus, users can sign up for alerts to be notified when prices drop in their area. Download our app now and keep your home cozy and your wallet happy.

Built by heating oil users, for heating oil users.

The team at HeatBuddy uses heating oil. We know the struggles of shopping around.

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See why users love saving money by using HeatBuddy.

Easy to use and saves money!


This app is wicked easy to use and makes it possible to save money and time when comparing home heating oil prices. Def recommend.

Easy to compare prices but needs list view


HeatBuddy is a great app for comparing prices but I really think it could use a list view. Overall it’s easy to navigate and it’s nice that it’s up to date for just about every business I checked.

Great for saving money!


Useful app for finding cheapest oil prices, looks like there’s currently only a limited number of companies in New England but hoping to see it grow into other areas. Particularly useful to see the pricing discounts at 150, 200 gallons etc.



Great app! So convenient to narrow down pricing and very easy to navigate through.

Great app


I just saved $0.30 a gallon… Thanks Heat Buddy



This app is so convenient! Instead of digging around and doing research on local oil prices, you can find them easily here. Especially with prices constantly fluctuating this is super handy.